Ameri-Kleen Cleaning Products: A Patriotic Tribute to American Innovation and Quality

April 03 19:40 2024
Cleaning floors, walls, windows and restaurant kitchens just got easier for janitors and the kitchen staff. Ameri-Kleen Cleaning Products are stronger and less costly than most. Made in America, in-fact in the heart of Texas. A Patriotic Tribute to American Innovation and Quality.

Garland, Texas – April 3, 2024 – Ameri-Kleen Cleaning Products, a leading manufacturer and distributor of cleaning solutions tailored for restaurants, hospitality services, and janitorial companies across the USA, proudly announces the launch of its innovative product line that pays homage to pivotal moments in American history. Made in America, specifically in The Heart of Texas, Ameri-Kleen Cleaning Products offers a range of solutions designed to tackle the toughest cleaning challenges while embodying the spirit of American innovation and quality.

At the forefront of this awesome lineup is Ameri-Kleen 1776, an all-purpose cleaner for restaurants, designed to meet the stringent demands of restaurant kitchens and janitorial companies cleaning offices, business hallways and mixed use properties. Named after the year of America’s independence, Ameri-Kleen 1776 symbolizes resilience, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Its superior cleaning power and versatility make it an indispensable tool for maintaining cleanliness in any environment.

In addition to Ameri-Kleen 1776, the product line includes Ameri-Kleen 1836, an exceptional warehouse floor cleaner and restaurant kitchen floor degreaser, ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Named after the year of the Texas Declaration of Independence, Ameri-Kleen 1836 embodies the rugged spirit of the Lone Star State and delivers unmatched performance in even the most challenging conditions.

For those seeking a powerful bleach solution for cleaning, Ameri-Kleen proudly introduces Ameri-Kleen 2020. Inspired by the resilience and adaptability demonstrated during the unprecedented challenges of 2020, this bleach cleaner is a testament to the strength of the American spirit. Perfect for maintaining a safe and hygienic environment, Ameri-Kleen 2020 is a vital tool in the fight against germs and viruses.

“At Ameri-Kleen, we are committed to delivering top-quality cleaning solutions that reflect the values of our nation,” said Dan Dunigan, CEO of Ameri-Kleen Cleaning Products.

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