Lynn Cole’s “Safe Room” – A Pioneering Album from the Holographic Girlfriends Project Launched

April 19 14:46 2024

Songwriter and Experimental artist Lynn Cole announces the release of “Safe Room,” her latest album and a key component of the ambitious “Holographic Girlfriends” project. Merging blues and country music with deeply personal lyrics, “Safe Room” leverages cutting-edge AI technology for the performances, showcasing Cole’s most profound and boundary-pushing work to date.

In discussions around AI-generated musical performances, attention is often drawn to ethical debates or concerns over quality. However, “Safe Room” emerges as a beacon of artistic integrity and innovation. However, Cole’s unique approach is different, developed over three months almost entirely with Suno AI and Ozone.

“I love country music, and always have,” Lynn says, talking about the project. “It’s beautiful and dysfunctional, and drunk, and there are a lot of men writing really deep, sincere music about broken people. But, speaking generally, it’s been my experience that women in the country are nowhere near as three-dimensional as they should be, having to deal with the guys who write these songs. So the Holographic Girlfriends explores that. Who are the broken women that date these broken men, and how do they feel? What do you learn about them as people? So the album is a little edgy, and the angst is delicious. I feel like that’s how you do it right, even if I am genre-bending a little.” 

“Safe Room” is not just an edgy pop country album; it’s a narrative within the “Holographic Girlfriends” project, crafted with traditionally written lyrics and technical know-how, that often engages in dialogue with other country songs. Cole’s experiments with AI tools bring her lyrics to life, resulting in music that resonates with sincerity and emotional depth. This project demonstrates a fully legal and licensed exploration of AI in music production, challenging common preconceptions and setting new standards for the category.

“One of the interesting things about these toolsets is how predictable they are. They’re trained on billions of hours of music, but there are things you can do to bend them by breaking songwriting, chord progressions, and category conventions that’ll deliver more interesting results. Several tracks on the album show off some of the improv I was able to make the machine do. And I think that’s interesting,” says Cole, reflecting on the creative process.

“Safe Room” invites listeners to experience the convergence of technology and art, offering unique soundscapes that are both technically interesting and deeply personal. 

Now available on all major streaming platforms, “Safe Room” represents a bold step forward in the exploration of how technology can deepen the impact and reach of music.

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